Isle of Man Candy

{J f, 2006}   A man called Alice

Glam rock…that's soooo last century right?  Wrong!  The glam rock revival of 2006 is taking off from the Sunset Strip with Mickey Avalon touching down with Transfusion M in New Jersey and Louis XiV in Portsmouth. Love love love it!  But to really, really 'get it' you gotta go back to glam's roots,  and where do we go for that?  Right here in the Isle of Man on June 1st.

That when all us Billion Dollar Babies will flock to the Villa Marina to commune with the legend that is ALICE COOPER.  You'll  Love It to Death and get a Fist Full of Alice. You can rock out with your Mum & Dad….or glam up so no one recognises you….either way it'll be a blast.

Tickets are on sale today; now where did I leave my sequined platform boots?


... says:

well darling i would like to inform you that Alice Cooper is/was not glam rock!

He is Shock Rock. BIIIIIG difference.
Glam rock is more than heavy eyeliner. PINK. almost to the point of transvestite. Look at Dee Snider of Twisted Sister. Thats Glam rock.

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