Isle of Man Candy

{J f, 2006}   Mama Mia! The food is good!

It's Bank Holiday Weekend, and Islanders are starting to think about summer hols. Italy invites. Sicily summons. Tuscany tempts. But July seems sooooooo far away. 

In the meantime, we head to Paparazzi on the Douglas Promenade for the best pizza in town.  Its bright, bustling atmosphere is just right for a Saturday night out. We have drinks in the roomy upstairs lounge full of shiny, happy people out on the town (But really ladies, it's only 13 degrees…cover up!) 

Then we move downstairs to cheery, dining room that harkens back to the Italian eateries of the 50s.  Italian waiters rush about, promptly bringing drinks, starters and bread.  They quickly whisk away dishes to make room for the glorious pizzas! 

I'd say skip the starters; they are not that remarkable.  My four skimpy "jumbo" prawns are definitely not worth a fiver.  Same goes for the bloke's deep fried calamari.  But the pizzas…they are to die for!  Thin crust with a great selection of toppings. They are fresh, tasty and, at around £8 each, we'll come back often.  Mine has chicken and asparagus…yum yum yum.  His has an egg and three kinds of sausage.  We quickly scarf the lot.  Soz, no room for dessert, but the menu looks good with all the traditional Italian faves…tiramisu, gelato, cheesecake and choccy mousse.  Next time we'll deffo skip the starter to make room for puds. 


Trixie says:

Candy, I had not decided what I was going to have for dinner tonight, but now I do, and its name is PIZZA. Thin crust and tempting toppings, how can I loose?

Keep up the good work.


Candy says:

Trixie…tell us how you liked it!

Trixie says:

Candy, I liked it, I liked it A LOT. I went with all yummy veggies and black olives, he, of course, went with all meat. What is it with blokes and meat? I took your advise and had dessert instead of a starter and was very happy with my choice of tiramisu. We will definitely be going back to Paparazzi for pizza.

owen says:

Mmm .. pizza

[…] technology space into real life usage. Unfortunately we don’t have an Internet connection at Paprazzi, so I can’t really show stuff off. Maybe I should invest in a portable high speed satellite […]

Sarah says:

Mmm.. went there last night. I love it there so much. Best pizza around (: No other pizza compares to it now (;

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