Isle of Man Candy

{J f, 2006}   A “little” does you good..

Springtime is in the air and young lady's fancy turns to…ahem!  Well, lets just say today I want to go shopping for lingerie!

Soooooo many tiny pretty things in the stores, it was hard to choose so I get three sets.  I stroll down Strand Street wondering where I should go…no to McKay's….no to M&S…then I see it.  The lovely pink letters beckoning me in…Ann Summers.  It's not just Rampant Rabbits and Naughty Nurses at Ann's you know!  She has some very lovely stuff. 

I spend an hour trying things on and decided on three "outfitsMy new togs".  I didn't think I'd be post a photo of myself, but on this occasion I'll make an exception.  What do you think of what I got?


sean says:

hi candy! that looks like a gorgeous outfit, i’m sure the man of your choice will be stunned when he’s lucky enough to see you in it! lovely pic, lovely blog. take care x

Candy says:

Thanks Sean. Visit often and bring your friends!

Trixie says:

Candy, I just got an invite to a bridal shower and I’m thinking something lacy and pretty. Does Ann Summers have anything that I could get that would be appropriate for a new bride?

iomcandy says:

Trixie, just click on the link and you’ll see the whole inventory…they have tons of v pretty stuff.

Trixie says:

Thanks Candy! I did check out Ann Summers and not only did I get a gift for the bride, I got something for myself as well.

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