Isle of Man Candy

{J f, 2006}   Breath in one, two three…

I said to myself, "Candy, bikini weather is just around the corner…you need to tone up!"  So off I go Carrefour in Douglas to find a lunch hour workout that will get me in shape, but not leave me puffed…Pilates

Well this is interesting.  We hardly move, but break a sweat anyway. Lift your leg, hold.  Raise your shoulders, hold. Tip your knee, hold. My pelvic floor has never been in better shape!

Well, I can't see the winter fat falling off from Pilates, but the class sure is is fun fun fun!  And if it's going to tone me up…I'll be back! (Maybe I should jog down to the gym?) Pilates


Jake says:

I have been learning Pilates for 18 months from Sophia Oh now and it can really make you sweat! It’s not an intensive workout like cardiovascular exercise but it works really deep and can tone your muscles. Hilary Duff said this week that she is in the best shape of her life because of Pilates. Keep at it and you will get stronger and more flexible 🙂

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