Isle of Man Candy

{J f, 2006}   I am a material girl!

Today I get to have a tour of the Gaiety Theatre on the Prom in Douglas.  It's soooo pretty inside you can't imagine.  It's like, really really old. The tour guy says it opened in 1900…..way before colour telly.  But, the government has sunk loads of dosh into fixing it all up so it really is loverly.

Anyway, the most really exciting thing I see is a poster: "Back to the 80s!"  The Manx Operatic Society is putting on a show featuring all the those great tunes from that golden era.  Madonna, Micheal Jackson, Aha…I can't wait. The show runs from 20 -27 May and tickets are on sale now.  Get your leg warmers and scrunchi and meet me there!



Trixie says:

Candy, how could you forget the hair gel, hair spray and a teasing comb. BIG HAIR was the way to go. I hate looking at those pics, it’s so embarrasing. I haven’t been to the Gaiety Theatre, but this is something I would enjoy.

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