Isle of Man Candy

{J f, 2006}   By George bar none

Girl in barWe popped off to Bar George on Hill Street after work tonight.  What a fab fab place, even if it does look a bit like a church hall.  Everyone looks soooooooooo nice.  All turned out in loverly suits and skirts. And, the wine list is extensive…but I ordered a G&T this time. Charddy next time for sure.  I had duck & noodle 'salad'. It was pretty yummy but kinda short on veggies.  Trixie had a ceasar salad w/ salmon.  There was so much salmon she could hardly finish it.  Nice.  We deffo will be going back. 


Trixie says:

Hey Candy, thanks for treating me to dins at Bar George. You are so right about the lovely people there and the food. My salad was great and filling and the wine paired with it was oh so nice. You should deffo try the charrdy next time we go. Speaking of going back to Bar George, how is your calendar looking? Any openings for us chicks to get together this week?

Candy says:

Bar George tonight ok? See you all there.

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