Isle of Man Candy

{J f, 2006}   Fiesta Havana…a perfect place for a Friday lunch

Trixie and I go to Fiesta Havana on Wellington Street in Douglas (near M&S).  The place has a great buzz about it.  All the tables are full and everyone is smiling and happy.  The music is great. The food is fabulous…we both opt for fajitas. I get duck, and she gets chicken.  V v v yummy and filling! Couple it with a Corona…and we have a great meal. Our waiter is v attentive (and kinda cute :-)).  And no one shoves the bill under our nose despite it's being a full house.  A trip down to the loo (it's a bit of a labrynth) reveals a cool bar downstairs and a really big dance floor. I  bet this place really fills up at night.  We'll be back!fajita


fiona demichele says:

hi will you be taking christmas bookings.if so i would like to book atable for myself and two teenagers.the food and service is excellant and its christmas, so no washing up for me on………

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