Isle of Man Candy

{J f, 2006}   Fiesta Havana…a perfect place for a Friday lunch

Trixie and I go to Fiesta Havana on Wellington Street in Douglas (near M&S).  The place has a great buzz about it.  All the tables are full and everyone is smiling and happy.  The music is great. The food is fabulous…we both opt for fajitas. I get duck, and she gets chicken.  V v v yummy and filling! Couple it with a Corona…and we have a great meal. Our waiter is v attentive (and kinda cute :-)).  And no one shoves the bill under our nose despite it's being a full house.  A trip down to the loo (it's a bit of a labrynth) reveals a cool bar downstairs and a really big dance floor. I  bet this place really fills up at night.  We'll be back!fajita


Trixie says:

Candy, I know we went to Fiesta Havana last Friday for lunch, but can we go again this week? One of my concerns about moving from the Washington, DC area to IOM was will I be able to get my fix for Mexican food. Fiesta Havana satisfies my concern and my belly. Deffo can’t get duck fajitas at any of the restaurants that I use to go to. I will have to try them when we go back. Thanks for lunch!

Candy says:

Sure ’nuff. When they start serving goose fajitas I’ll never get you out of there!

Jesslyn says:

Damn, I wish I could think of somnhtieg smart like that!

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