Isle of Man Candy

{J f, 2006}   Prime Choice for pearly whites

It's time for my dental check up and I'm soooooooooooo nervous.  I just hate sitting back in that chair and getting my gums picked with a crochet hook. Yikes…ouch!

So I'm a bit nervous when I enter the Prime Choice Dental Centre on Ridgeway Street in Douglas. But the place is soooooooooo modern, cool and clean.  The nice chap at reception offers me coffee, supplied by Spill the Beans.  Nice. 

The surgery is brand spanking new and glistening white.  The dentist is very friendly.  I'm in and out in 10 minutes and it doesn't hurt a bit. I get to see my teeth on camera, nice touch.  The dentist  doesn't need to see me for another year.  Result! Now I'm smiling.


I really liked your blog. It is simple and neat and clean just like your teeth look and the dentist’s office is (you said) and I never heard of Spill the Beans coffee, but damn I would like to try that. I live here amid the cornfields of southwest Ohio and they ain’t no beans like them hereabouts.

Candy says:

Oldman, sorry to hear about your coffee dilemma. I hear that there are a number of online coffee mail order services. Maybe you can order the good stuff and get it delivered?

Ilan says:

Love your Blog!!One thing though, I know I’m a Yankee, but one
should get a dental check-up every 6 months. Remember to floss(with dental floss) and brush at least 2x a day. Maybe you do all these
things, but having lived in England(and loved it) I know that
dental awareness is a bit loose. You can keep your teeth, and
have better dental check-ups!!

Trixie says:

Hey Candy, reading about your dental check up reminded me that it is way past my time for a check up. thanks for the reminder, NOT. Must be something in my childhood that makes me dislike dentist, but I’m willing to give Prime Choice Dental Centre a try.

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