Isle of Man Candy

{J f, 2006}   I love John Malkovich

He is deffo one of my fave actors.  And, he’s in the Isle of Man right now! Shooting on his new movie, Mutant Chronicles, starts here tomorrow.  I luv luv luvved him in Dangerous Liaisons and in Being John Malkovich. And I hope to run into him on Strand Street.

This isn’t his first visit to the Island; he’s been here at least twice before.  Once to make The Libertine and the second time was to make Colour Me Kubrick. So he must really, really like us.

So John, here’s to seeing you in Paparazzi or maybe Crush is more to your taste?

John Malkovich


Trixie says:

Okay Candy, how long is John Malkovich in town? I would love to see/meet him, but I can see it now. I would just stand there with a stupid look on my face and not be able to say a word beyond “hi”. I think I am going to pick up Dangerous Liaisons this weekend, want to come over and watch it with me (again)?

Candy says:

Yuppers! He’s here for 4 weeks, I think. I hope. Maybe we’ll see him jogging on the beach?

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