Isle of Man Candy

{J f, 2006}   Should Candy live?

I’m thinking about finishing Candy off and starting fresh.  I want to use adsense…so I’ll have to move from wordpress hosting.  And I keep getting v creepy emails from people looking for man candy…whatever that is.  So I’m wondering about the appropriateness of this url.

But, dear reader, if you protest, you can save Candy. Do you find her useful, interesting, etc?  I’m away for a few days and will not be posting.  When I get back, if there are enough comments of support, I’ll let Candy live.  If not, she swings. swinging

Let me know.  Mwah! 


Owen says:

We love Candy! We love Candy!

Don’t let the blog bite the dust. It’s a refreshing look at life in Mann seen through your eyes.

p.s. if you need to find alternative hosting, drop me a line; we may be able to sort something out

Trixie says:

Say it ain’t so Candy! I don’t get to post as often as I like, but I deffo check out on a daily basis what’s happening on IOM Candy to see what’s happening on IOM. If you were to jump over to a different host, does that mean you start all over? Sorry, I’m such a blogging newbie, but I’m not to up on all the lingo. I can’t imagine a day without Candy, what would I do?

Trixie says:

I just had a thought. If Candy is finished off, will there be a party? Oh, not party, wake. That’s right, will there be a wake for Candy? Just wondering.

Nick says:

Stumbled on your site for the first time today only to read you are thinking about scrapping it. Well, we can’t have that can we. Like Owen, I too can help on with hosting if you need.

I particularly like the smiley face underneith this comment form. That’s a nice touch.

iomcandy says:

Well I’m still undecided. I’ll tought it out for a couple more weeks. Thanks for your support guys. Keep reading.

decie says:

Keep Candy going and just start another blog. i have tree
blogs running.

Tony says:

Why do you need to move from wordpress hosting to use adsense?

iomcandy says:

Tony, WordPress doesn’t allow you to run adsense if you host your site with them.

Trixie says:

Hi Candy, me again. Just checking in to see if you have made up your mind, or if you are still thinking on it.

Candy says:

I’m still reserving judgement. I’m waiting for my tech bloke to move it to another server. Then we’ll see if adsense will work. Watch this space.

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