Isle of Man Candy

{J f, 2006}   He likes us. Kevin Whately really like us

Kevin Whately

Actor Kevin Whatley loves the Isle of Man. He spent a few weeks here filming an TIV drama Who gets the dog? I’ve always thought is is sooooooooooooo cute!  He told a local paper “The scenery is stunning and everybody is very friendly.”

I loved him on Morse and The Peak Practice. I hope he comes back!


Nick says:

It’s becoming quite a regular event bumping into famous people on our rock these days.

It’s nice having people come over and appreciate what we have, because living here it’s all to easy to forget. And yes, he is dead right, the scenery is stunning, especially on a kayak in the mist, as I have enjoyed today 🙂

Candy says:

oooooooooooooh Nick…where can I hire kayaks? I wanna try it out.

Nick says:

I know you can hire them from Jenni’s 7th Wave shop ( on Port Erin beach. I can’t tell you how much though because I actually invested in my own a few years ago. You can always borrow mine, but you’d have to find me first hehe.
Anyway, hope you manage to have a go because it is most definitely worth it.

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