Isle of Man Candy

{J f, 2006}   Urban Hair for a great cut

I popped into Urban Hair on Bucks Road in Douglas last week (673639). What a busy place! There were dozens of customers at various stages of getting done.  The women that work there were all buzzing about looking like they were having a ball while they worked. So I decided to go in and get a cut. 

I’m soooooooooooooo happy!  I got five inches of my mop sheared off and a really great blow out.  I wanted to bring my stylist home so she can do me every morning! But she wouldn’t come.  

And it wasn’t too dear.  Just £30 including tip.  I deffo recommend this salon to anyone who wants be well groomed and look stylish without paying a ton.  Scissors


Fida says:

You should show us the before and after 😛

Candy says:

Fida, I’m too shy to post a pic. Sorry.

Trixie says:

Take it from me folks, Candy looks fab. In fact, I’ll be heading over to Urban Hair myself later this week.

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