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{J f, 2006}   Chillies does little to curry favour

Yummy curry. Nothing goes down much better on a Saturday night! That’s why last night we headed to Chillies at the end of the Queen’s Promenade in Douglas.  We’ve been there once before and thought the food was good, if kinda pricey. But, that time we just turned up with out booking and were glad they put an extra table up in the aisle to accomodate us.

We’ve got guests in from overseas, so last night I was sure to book in advance.  But lo and behold, when we arrived the staff pointed us to small table by the kitchen door. It was too small for our party and they were going to put a chair on the end so one of us would be sitting in the aisle, right at the kitchen door.  I told them I wasn’t happy with the table, and was told to take it or leave it.

So we left it. And I won’t ever go back.  Never. 

I know that restauranteurs must make hay during the high season. But in mid-January, when holiday makers on thin on the ground, Chillies won’t be getting my trade.

Making lemonade when served lemons, we found another excellent curry house, The Taj Mahal on Esplanade Lane in Douglas.  And the people there are nice.  And they don’t charge the Earth.  And the service was polite. And the food is v mmmmmmmmm!  Taj Mahal                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Trixie says:

What is it with customer service these days? I was in retail for (way too many) years and I loved the interaction with the customers, but now a days it seems like they are doing us a favor by even acknowledging us. Unfortunately it is wide spread and not just some restaurants that have this problem. I’m glad to hear your dinner at the Taj Mahal was yummy. It’s been forever since me and my bloke has had curry and I’m thinking we will be paying them a visit this coming week.

Nick says:

The Milan, North Quay – Douglas, is very good 🙂

iomcandy says:

Thanks Nick. I’ll try it out. Trix…let us know what you think of the TM.

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