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{J f, 2006}   Guys and Dolls

Guys and DollsLuck was a lady last night at the Gaiety Theatre in Douglas.  Guys and Dolls, the story of a gang of small time gamblers and the ladies in their lives, is a real fun night out.  It features Frank Loesser’s classic songs  Luck Be a Lady, Sit down You’re Rocking the Boat, If I Were a Bell, and of course Guys and DollsThe Manx Operatic Society Dick Ray Productions puts on a great song and dance show and at £10.50 a ticket, it’s well worth it.  The show runs until 2 September. 

I danced all the way home!


Mike says:

Guys and Dolls, is my favourite musical and whenever it appears in a theatre, I make sure I go. Glad you enjoyed the show. Been a long time since I was in the Isle of Man!

Nice blog too btw.

Candy says:

Thanks Mike. You are welcome to visit the Isle of Man anytime!


The current production of Guys & Dolls is not a Manx Operatic Society production. Whilst some of our members may choose to participate in this production in their own spare time it is actually produced by Creative Leisure and a Mr Dick Ray.

Please will therefore remove any reference to the Manx Operatic Society and the production of this show.

If you would like to see details of our current production, Jekell & Hyde please visit our website at

Nikki Openshaw
Manx Operatic Society.

Tommi Baxter Hill says:


Thank you for the great feedback from the show. I am glad you enjoyed it. Alot of hard work has gone into the show and its nice to see our hard work has payed off. And yes as the chairman of the operatic says it isnt a operatic show but infact a dick ray production featuring actors from london like myself. I wish to say i have enjoyed my time in the isle of man and hope i am back next year.


Tommi Baxter Hill
Sky Masterson

P.s Nikki i do hope your production of jekyll and Hyde is a sucess. The people who came from your company and into our show have been of a very high standard and you are lucky to have such an array of talent. Best wishes.

Candy says:

Tommi thanks so much for visiting my blog! I really did enjoy the show a lot. Say Nikki Openshaw seems to be quite bitchy eh? You think she’d just ask nicely instead of getting all snotty about an honest mistake. And her grammar is soooooooooo bad too! If you’re going to be snotty, you should at least be correct, don’t you think?

Makes me think that I’ll be giving Jekyll & Hyde a miss. Why hand over my cash to someone like that!

Anyway Tommi you were fab and I’d come back to see your show any day!

Trixie says:

Ms. Openshaw, which part will you be playing, Jekyll or Hyde?

iomcandy says:

Trixie you know which role Nikki plays. But I think they should think about a production of 101 Dalmations…she’d be perfect as you know who!

dawn says:

I watched with interest Guys and dolls this evening and have to say that everybody worked there hearts out,its a pleasure to see talent like this and long may it continue. The island is blessed with great talent and also some big ego,s! i have seen Ms Openshaw in several “large roles” and to knock,a production just because it isn’t one she can control is petty and narrow minded. So i say long live Mr Rae and all he seems fit to cast as he does cast the best we have to offer. Dawn

iomcandy says:

Dawn, I’m glad you agree the show is great! Perhaps Nikki suffers from the big frog in small pond syndrome? She hasn’t been back since she left that snotty comment. Too funny!

Jonesy says:

I saw G&D the other night and being a vistor to the Island was glad to see a local site promoting local events.

However to be honest I didnt think much of G&D. Don’t get me wrong some of the main characters played by Olivia, Suzi, Mathew and Tommi were great, but the big dance numbers were a bit of a let down.

Looking through my programme I see a lot of the cast are local people but I think Mrs Openshaw is correct in pointing out that it is not her company that produced the show. Though as a visitor to the Island seeing a lot of people from one Society I could be led to think what you incorrect have thought Candy.

Looking over your comments made to Mrs Openshaw, I dont think they are warranted as she has not once made any bad comments about the show.


iomcandy says:

Jonesy, I don’t care what she says about the show. It’s her snotty tone I did’t like. Surely she’s asking for a little ribbing, don’t you agree?

Jonesy says:

If I was 12 years of age again may be.

But as a mature adult I can see that there was no malice or bitchyness in the way Mrs Openshaw corrected your mistake.


iomcandy says:

ooooooh Jonesy…now you’re sounding all snotty too! You’re not related to Nikki are you?

Trish says:

I like so liked Guys and Dolls the other day and I was so happy to have my mum take me and see it and tell my frineds and then I found this blig with lots of stuff about the show which was great so thanks candy. I don;t really know what this blog is about though and why is everyone being mean to each other when it doesn;t matter. Some people are serious and others not but its bad to fight and our home is small communnitee so we should not fight. Thats what my parents say anyway and I know I am sad when my pet is sick or I see a little bird on the street what has been splatted by a car or bus and its stuff inside is outside and insects are on it and eyeballs and people don;t look but dogs do, poor bird. But so we dont want to be like that so don;t be mean and talk more about tomatoes and movies and wallace and gromit which is funny but not so much the last one more the one with the cheeese.

Lucy says:

Thanks Jonesy! I’ve been dying to say something to defend Ms Openshaw, who clearly only has the best interests of the MOS at heart, but didn’t want to get caught up in what I could see turning into a bit of a nasty affair, which it obviously has done with the personal attacks on Ms Openshaw!!

I have watched many MOS shows over the years and they just keep getting better and better (the 80’s show rocked!)and I think Ms Openshaw had every right to ask you to correct your mistake and, in my opinion, she was in no way snotty in the way she asked you to do it!!

I too went to see GnD and, although the cast absolutely worked their butts off, I felt the production side REALLY let them down which in turn let us, the audience, down knowing the calabre of perfomer on stage! I’m sure the MOS and Creative Leisure have a good relationship and I would hate to think that this whole blog would stir up any unnecessary bad feeling between them. Why don’t we just leave it now that people give their opinion on Guys and Dolls (which was the whole point in the first place?!) and give Ms Openshaw a break?!

iomcandy says:

Trish thanks for stopping by Candy’s blog. I love your view on the world. I’m glad you found me. Please come back.

To Lucy and the rest of the Nikki fan club. I’m soooooooo glad you found me too! It’s all just a bit of fun. I’m soooooooooo glad you all get the joke. Please keep coming back!


Jonesy says:

Unfortunately its not a joke when you are slanderous to some one. I know forums are for the community at large to chat to each other but you really can not diss people you dont know.

I’m sure Mrs Openshaw is quite a nice person, and that is probably why she has had more sense then to come back on the comments made about her.

Well I’m leaving this lovely Island today but that is the beauty of the worldwide web I can logg on anywhere.


iomcandy says:

Thanks for coming back Jonesy. Have a nice trip. Seem like you don’t know what slander means. That’s ok. I make mistakes too sometimes. That’s how this whole thing started right? Here’s a link you might find helpful to make sure you are using the correct words!

asta la vista!

peter says:

christ candy or whatever your name is,you sound like that prossie of big brother nikki. im soooooooo cold.
grow up and get a life, haveing your own blog!!!!
go outside in the fresh air and get some real live friends you sad anemic teenager.

oh and get a job!!!!!

lynne says:

hi sweetie, I was going to slag you off and criticise but you are noy worth it. HOWEVER, Nicola Openshaw is a very talanted and natural singer. I think to pass comment on the way someone looks is not a very nice thing to do. Looks are not everything and yes before you start on me, I know I’m not all that but respect that everyone has their own look!!!!!!!!!!

iomcandy says:

Hi everybody! Hi Peter! Hi Lynne! Thanks for stopping by my blog, it makes me happy to have lots and lots of visitors. Peter you make me laugh! I love it that you get the joke! muah! Lynne, you could use some work on your reading comprehension. I’m not sure what you’re on about, but I’m sure you’re sincere. muah to you too!

Tommi Baxter Hill says:

Dear all.

As you may have all realised this is infact a page promoting our show guys and dolls and for people to give their feedback for the show. You may all read back and see that my post was one of the first ones commenting on what mrs openshaw has said, but by no means was i intending to start world war three via web! I wrote the comments on here in a positive way towards our show and the members of the operatic society over on the island.No malicious intent was intended for mrs openshaw or anyone. I have to say though i was a little disapointed when i heard some of the comments that ‘some’ of the operatic members have been saying about our show, of course everyone is entitled to there own opinion but some of the comments were very un-reasonable and could not be justified(i repeat a few, not all). Moan over. Guys and Dolls has now finished ,( very sad ) i have had a superb summer and have made some dear, dear friends who i love to bits and will be over to see jekyll and hyde in feb.

Lets all smile and be jolly, because lets face it the show was fucking superb! 🙂

Yours ‘Friendly’

Tommi Baxter Hill
Sky Masterson x x

P.S hello to my wonderful cast memebers.!

iomcandy says:

Sorry folks. Tommi gets the last word. This discussion is finished. But thanks for dropping by and feel free to comment on any other post. I love you all. Mwah!

Carly says:

Dear Candy,
I ahve a problem and was wondering if you could help me. It’s about guys.

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