Isle of Man Candy

{J f, 2006}   Battle of the bands

Ooooooooooooooooooh we had such a fun night out on Thursday. It was the first heat of the 4th Okells Battle of the Bands at the Trafalgar Hotel in Douglas. Six acts took the stage to compete for a grand prize of a trip to the UK national battle of the bands.  It was a great group of musicians and the crowd sure was enthusiatic.  Three were put forward to the next round. Laura Moore and David Glyn Jones were both excellent singers and really rocked out.  But for me, head and shoulders above the rest was Ben Dunderdale who’s guitar playing was fantastic.  His funny song about a mouse brought the house down.  I think this guy will go the distance.  I’m hooked now. I’ll be at the next heat on 17 August.  Come on! Ben Dunderdale


Trixie says:

Hey Trixie, what time is the Battle on Thursday? Can I tag along w/you? I’ll even buy the first round (or two). 😉

iomcandy says:

Sure, we’re heading down about 7.30. C U there.

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