Isle of Man Candy

{J f, 2006}   Brown Sugar at Jaks

The other night we went down to Jaks because we’d heard Brown Sugar was playing. I thought it might be a Stones tribute band.  They turned out to be a duo covering lots of old stand bys and pop songs from different eras. The crowd really loved them and they got a really hearty party going on.  Without a doubt, the bar did really well that night because from what I could see, no one was feeling any pain.  It was an interesting night out.  Average age of the crowd was about 40.   Cougars galore.  It’s nice to see old people having soooooooooo much fun!   


Hi Isle of man Candy!
Thanks for the mention and review on your site, we always try to play to our audience even if they are in the Autumn years or fresh out of college. We are back at Jaks this Friday, bring yer Mom and say Hi! LOL
Derek & Claire (Brown Sugar)

Rick says:

I have heard good things about this duo too from a marquee supplier on the an entertainment agency we are always interested in hearing about quality bands and duos.

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