Isle of Man Candy

{J f, 2006}   Tragic Trafalgar

Can you believe we walked all the way down to the Trafalgar Hotel last night only to find the doors closed?  WTF?!?

Tuesday is Irish music night, and I thought it might be fun.  I was wearing really, really high heels too and my toes were ouchy. So you can imagine how cross I was to find all  the doors shut. 

We could hear music from the street.  Through the window I could see a guitarist strumming a tune. I guess it was a private party or something?

But what a disappointment.  And what sore  feet. I hope they let us in tomorrow night for the battle of the bands!


Trixie says:

Hey Candy, what’s with the Trafalgar closing its doors? We need to find out what was going on. I know I don’t want to walk down there and find out we can’t get in.

Looking forward to tonight’s Battle of the Bands, see you tonight.

iomcandy says:

B of B it tomorrow Trixie. I think it was deffo a private party.

Trixie says:

Right, B of B is tomorrow night. I’m telling you, this job thing is just getting in the way of my blog time 😉

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