Isle of Man Candy

{J f, 2006}   The best of the Isle of Man

Hey everybody.  I just found a new Website that’s trying to establish itself as the on line “go to” resource for all things Isle of Man.

It’s still v new and hasn’t got a lot of content yet, but it could be pretty useful if it catches on. It has news headlines, weather and a business directory covering everything from gigs to pubs to builders. 

Has anyone out there used it?   


Trixie says:

Hi Candy, I just checked out the best of IOM website and it’s okay for info, but you give us the info that we really want. Since I’m new here, I like knowing if a place is going to have a long wait or if the food is even worth the wait. Keep up the good work.

iomcandy says:

Thanks Trixie. I agree IMHO. 🙂

Stacey says:

what Candy says goes, wonder where she’ll go for her birthday? That’s very soon, very! Ageless no, fabulous, yes!

Trixie says:

If I remember correctly, Candy will be celebrating her birthday with the Chippendale guys. What a way to celebrate, maybe we should have birthdays more often?

hmmm interesting, although I’m not completely convinced this will do any better than any of the other Isle of Man specific portal sites like,, etc.

One to add to the watch list though…

Hi Guys – so glad you have noticed us!! We are working really hard to make this the best place to find info/businesses on the Isle of Man. We really like to get news on interesting stuff/gigs that’s going on around the island – so just let us know and we will try and add it!! Good news only – no boring gripes please!! Plus loads of shops/bars/restaurants /businesses you would like to see on it. Give us their names and we will bang on their doors and see if we can get them on there. It costs £10 a month for a brill search engine optimised ad – a real no brainer!!!
This site is different to anything else on the Island – it’s part of the and we bought the franchaise for the Isle of Man.
Its in the top 50 ranked websites in the UK and there is a button straight through to the Isle of Man on the home page Lynne & Christopher

iomcandy says:

Hi Lynne. Thanks for dropping by. But see from the comments above that when it comes to finding out what’s cool in the Isle of Man the peeps want me me me!

I agree you have a really cool site I often have a look! Keep up the good work
What do you think about the propsed Rock concert – is it going to happen?

dalene says:

Hi-We have a South African artist that will perform in the uk on the 31 Aug and 1 Sep, we are looking for more gigs-can you please help-or give me people that I can contact


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