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{J f, 2006}   Loverly tomatoes

TomatoCandy is always letting her readers know what’s cool and where to go.  Now I need some info from you. 

Where in the Isle of Man can you get the best fresh produce?  I mean, like a farmers’ market.  Where do you folks go to buy locally-grown tomatoes and other salad freshies?  At this time of year, the stuff that Tesco’s imports just doesn’t cut it.  It all tastes sooooooooooooooooo hot house. 

Let us know!


Kirree says:

There is an organic market held every thursday from a farmhouse on the patrick road, (the one that runs from St Johns to Patrick).The house is called Ballabrooie and is more than likely to have a fair few cars parked outside! Various farmers etc sell fresh veg, fruit etc, and other organic produce: cakes, jam etc… Its best to get there fairly early as they sell out pretty fast! Shoprite does ‘Ballapaddig’ products aswell, which are grown on the island on ballapaddig farm I think?! Hope that helps!

Trixie says:

Kirree, thanks a bunch. I’m with Candy and the produce at Tesco’s leaves a lot to be desired. I’m deffo going to Ballabrooie this Thursday. One question, how early is early?

Candy says:

Kiree…this sounds just what I’m looking for. Thanks for the tip!

Kit says:

Hi, not only is there the Green Mann market at Ballabrooie (every Thursday from 10am) but there is a Farmers Market every Saturday in Ramsey (just moved to the Albert Street School by the bus garage) and a new monthly market starting in Douglas on 7th July. It will be the first Saturday of every month and is in the Villa Marina Colonnades (garden side) from 10am to 3pm. Hope this helps.

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