Isle of Man Candy

{J f, 2006}   Isle of Man actor in ‘Risen’

An young actor from Peel has been cast in the Briitsh movie Risen, the story of boxing legend Howard Winstone.  He lost his fingers (gross!) and still went on to win a whole bunch of major boxing titles.  John Noble and Stuart Brennen also star in the movie which is  filming in south Wales.Grainne Joughin

Grainne Joughin went to school at Queen Elizabeth II High School and hung out at the Manx Multimedia Centre.  Since then she’s worked in the theatre, on TV and in films.   

Grainne was quoted in the local paper, “This is a really big role for me, and it was quite daunting on the first day, stepping onto the set, and it’s just wow.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself!  We are all soooooooo proud of you Grainne.


steve dexter says:

Grainne helped me make two short films and she is not only a lovely person but a brilliant actress.

James says:

Bollocks…Bad actress, just lucky…. one word ..profitshare

– Thank you Steve, It’s much appreciated.

– I think you’ll find it’s Profit Share James, that’s two words.

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