Isle of Man Candy

My name is Candy and I'm sweet and sometimes sassy.  I'm clever, unpredictable and totally in-the-know about what's hot, new and undiscovered in the Isle of Man.  I love fashion, know the best places to go and the funnest things to do. And I'm blogging about it all.


Brandi says:

I love your skin. 😉

kate says:

hiya, i read that you were going to go and see back to the 80s did you enjoy it i went to see it and i thought it was fab! x

iomcandy says:

Sorry Kate. I didn’t make it after all. I’m glad the show was good tho’.

decie says:

tidy blog, and i love the Isle of Man i lived there for 3 years. you just might know some of my old friends.

iomcandy says:

I just might Decie. Why did you leave the Island?

decie says:

its a long story did you vevr hear of the DJ Any Mc.

iomcandy says:

Nope. Should I have?

decie says:

He was once a DJ on Manx radio, maybe your mum heard of him he might have been before your time. The hotel I worked in once is now a car park on lock prom.

decie says:

Check out the link on my blog on the right-hand side

Hi Candy, just wondered if you and your bloke were enjoying your holiday?

Candy, can you let me know when you are back on the rock, i miss you.


DCU says:

Hi Candy, We have a production of “Thoroughly Modern Millie” coming up in Feb 07, tickets now on sale at The Gaeity Box office…


fizia says:

i was searching for yoga classes and found you:))
iom as well:))

Jimmy says:

Hey Candy – loving the site, some pretty impressive blogging. If there is any space for a link under isle of man section it’d be wicked – has approximately 60,000 pages of info entirely devoted to the wonderful, unbeatable and completely brilliant Isle of Man. We have sections for motors and property for sale, an events calendar (people can email their events to At the heart of it is the government approved business directory for uniquely isle of man based businesses. Anywho check it out. Loving your work!

Claire K says:

Heard of candle parties..? I’m one of the consultants on the island and on average, my hostesses receive approx £100 to spend on our products just from holding a party! It’s THE BEST hostess programme available. The hostess will receive a free gift from me on the night, exclusive hostess discounts and booking gifts, should her friends wish to book parties.
The special offers for guests and hostesses change on a monthly basis.
We have around 50 fragrances to choose from and the candles are completely non toxic so are safe for asthmatics and in homes which have pets and/or children.
On the night of the party, you and your guests will play games where you can win FREE prizes.
Simply call Claire on 464500 for further information, to book a party, or to request your FREE catalogue.


I am writing to you from a company called Uni-versalEXTRAS we place people in TV and Film and we are looking for your help. Our company website is

We are currently working on a feature film which is filming on the Isle of Man, called ‘Me and Orson Welles’. The famous novel written by Robert Kaplow set in 1937 is being brought to the big screen.

What we are looking for are male and females 18yrs+ to take part in this film as people of the time, such as general public, shop keepers, police officers etc.

Payment for taking part is: £80 per day (catering provided throughout the day) plus any over time

Dates: These are yet to be confirmed, but filming will start mid February (we will check dates with you nearer the time).

If you wish to take part you will need to send email the following information:

Full name:
Contact number:
Basic measurements: waist, dress, inside leg, bra size etc
A current photo of yourself: (this should be digital quality head shot, from shoulders up of just you in front of a plain background e.g. a wall)

Kind Regards
Wayne Berko

M: 0790 3747452

Uni-versalEXTRAS Ltd

bibomedia says:


Damian says:

Hey Candy,

Since you’re in the know, Im arriving on the Isle of Man in the early hours of New Years Eve, and once Ive got the keys and moved into my new pad, I just may want to find somewhere less lonely for New Years Eve itself…!

I need somewhere friendly, where its possibly to actually talk, with a fun crowd, nothing Ye Olde Worldy, hairy beardy etc etc. Maybe with an option to ‘go large’ and do some clubbing thereafter. Maybe a watering hole for other wanderers, perhaps?

Anyway, im not a weirdo lol, Im a doctor and im friendly, so hook me up!


Thanks for your time,


Hi, I have just moved to the Isle Of Man and stumbled across your blog. Very interestig for a newcomer to the island! I am a fashion designer and artist wondered if you knew any outlets to sell my clothing and artwork?

Thanks in advance
Danni x

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