Isle of Man Candy

{J f, 2006}   Ban the butt!

It seems that folks on this Island are coming in the 21st Century way of thinking about smoking ( aka smogging, yuck!)  Pubs and restaurants still allow smoking despite non-smokers being in the majority.  I mean really,  the owners of pubs that let people pollute our lungs as we eat or drink should have to pay our cleaning to get the disgusting stench of our cool (expensive) togs.

While politicans debate legislation and government launches a public awareness campaign, it's up to proprietors to decided what's best for their customers.  That's why The Welbeck Hotel in Douglas went smoke free in January.  They did a survey recently and 43 percent of guests supported the smoking ban, and only three percent were against it.  (The rest had no comment). What a great example The Welbeck is setting for the rest of Douglas.  Three cheers!


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