Isle of Man Candy

Last night Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale opened at Peel Castle.  It was a fab evening, a little breezy perhaps, but clear skies and a great night for it. I haven’t seen this play before, but it’s set in Sicily and that’s one of my fave places to visit, so I’m deffo gonna check it out this tomorrow night. The story is full of family scandals, murderous intent and love triangles…so it’ll make a change from watching East Enders right? Ha Ha!!Winters Tale

The show, by Theatre Set-Up is on through Sunday night and tickets cost £14. Doors open at 6 p.m. Book online here.


{J f, 2006}   What a glorious day!

It's sooooooooo nice out today.  Everyone is in shorts and crop tops enjoying the sunshine. The birds are chirping and the bees are buzzing…what more can you ask for on a Sunday afternoon?  Well maybe  a trip to the beach?  That's one of great things about living in the Isle of Man…there are so many loverly beaches to hang out at. 

Today we are going to Peel Beach.  It's huge with lots of gorgeous soft sand.  It sits on a large bay on the west coast in the shadow of Peel Castle.  There is enough peeps around to make it interesting but it's not too crowded so we spread out on our blanket, slap on the Amber Solaire (BOGOF at Boots!) suntan lotion and give ourselves a jolly good baking.  I fall asleep.  Ouch! Do you think lobsters are this sore when they turn red? Peel Beach

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