Isle of Man Candy

Yesterday we took the steam train down to Port Erin.  It’s such a pretty drive along the south coast.  Port Erin was soooooooooo boring, tho.  All the shops close early on a Thursday.  We found two gift shops to have  look in.  And we strolled through the Railway Museum, which was pretty mundane if you are not a train spotter.

But the bay was beautiful and lots of people were in swimming.  The beach is pretty darn big with lots and lots of white sand.  And we had lunch at The Bay Hotel.  The food was excellent and the people that work there are really nice.  I had a salmon and poached egg sarnie.  It was a way too much food for lunch but v delicious.  The bloke had a ploughman’s platter and was one of the best I’ve ever seen.  It had brie and meat pie and lots of salad and fruit.  And the chutney is home made and the tastiest too.  The Branston pickle company should deffo watch out!

Steam Train


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