Isle of Man Candy

One of the best ways to get to the Isle of Man is by ferry. The Steam Packet Company has been running ferries here for at least a hundred years, maybe more. Not only is the price right (a cool £15 as a foot passenger from Liverpool to Douglas) you get to see the beauty of the Island as you approach it from the sea. Yesterday, the sea was placid and a light mist was rising over the hills…it was just sooooooooooo gorgeous.

Steam Packet also runs ferries to Befast, Dublin and Heysham from Douglas.  The Seacat is pretty fast. It usually takes about two, two-and-a-half hours to make the crossing.  I usually just find a seat, plunk myself down and stick my nose in a book. 

Every form of transport does have its problems tho.  One of these for the ferry is that people seem to think they can let their kids run wild.  So there are usually dozens of brats running up and down the aisles.  And the food service is kinda crap.  Hot food is all burger and chips fare and you have to queue forever to get some. Surely the kind the folks at Steam Packet could come up with a better way to serve passengers?  The airlines seem to get everyone fed w/o long queues, so why not the ferry? In the meantime, I’d advise you to pack a lunch.  That way you save money, time and actually get something nice to eat. 

The very best thing about the ferry is that you have your car when you arrive. Just drive off and away you go!  No buses, taxis or long walks.  Heaven!



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